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  • Overview of supportive organizations, providing networks, financials, and expertise.

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What we do



Social entrepreneurs face a variety of challenges (and needs) on their journey forward. We provide an overview of the most relevant actors in the field, such as incubators, financiers, accelerators, knowledge centres and network organizations. In this way social entrepreneurs more easily find their way to those organizations that meet their needs.


Every month, we introduce you to various social entrepreneurs and their inspiring stories. These entrepreneurs are active in various domains, and will probably come up with ideas you never thought of. You can read all about them, right here.


We believe that sharing insights, knowledge and expertise (academic,consultancy, practice,...) will benefit all. Please take a closer look at our library to discover books, articles and reports on a wide range of topics (growth, management, innovation,...).


Do you want to share your story and inspire others? Do you want to tell the world about your social enterprise and how you create a better place? Submit your case right here. We intend to grow and collect inspiring stories along the way!


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