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Belgium Impact

The national platform for social entrepreneurs that inspire.



Innovative and impactful social entrepreneurs


Supporting organizations (offering HR, finance,...)



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Annual Congress and weekly get together sessions


Belgium Impact (BE-Impact) inspires and connects social entrepreneurs. It wants to contribute to the work of social entrepreneurs, their initiatives, and those of supporting organizations.

Our mission, is to stimulate innovative social entrepreneurship with a perspective on the transition towards a sustainable society. To this end, the non-profit organization wants to connect these social entrepreneurs with each other and with the various actors in society, including the general public. It wants to inspire, connect and support social entrepreneurs from Belgium, but also function as a platform for the further development of an ecosystem in which social innovation and sustainable entrepreneurship, based on financial and social profit, go hand in hand.

In the words of His Majesty the King: "Our society needs you, social entrepreneurs,...your ideas, your projects and your enthusiasm" (30 June 2019). BE-Impact was initiated in 2019 by His Majesty the King of the Belgians, with a transdisciplinary network of organizations that work together to create a platform for and about social entrepreneurship. “The goal of countless initiatives in our country is not only about efficiency or making a profit, but also about creating human added value. Social entrepreneurship is a good example of this” said the King during the launch on 25 June 2019 in Brussels.


Belgium Impact wants to contribute to the work of social entrepreneurs, their initiatives, and those of supporting organizations. It wants to do so by:

  • Promoting social entrepreneurs with the Belgian population.

  • Inform people about activities and expertise about social entrepreneurship.

  • Strengthen the interaction between social entrepreneurs and the ecosystem.


The "Belgium Impact" platform acknowledges the variety of approaches that social entrepreneurship embodies. It does not matter if it is set up as a non-profit organization, cooperative, or limited liability company. It does contain an innovative aspect and incorporates an entrepreneurial mindset, which sets them apart from the classic non-profit organizations.

Therefore, our definition of social entrepreneurs takes on a more broad approach. We understand these entrepreneurs as: 


"Those companies or innovations whose governance allows the primacy of societal impact"

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