Belgium Impact

Discover more about our evaluation procedures: The membership criteria we developed with a panel of social entrepreneurship experts, the evaluation process, as well as the members of the evaluation committee. 


Our evaluation committee uses five selection criteria when screening prospective members. It is possible the committee has more questions before allowing the applicant to become a member.


  1. Members of BE-Impact have their headquarters set up in Belgium for at least one year and can be found solving social problems both at "home" or abroad.

  2. The organization has an innovative approach for creating social impact and can easily prove this.

  3. The priority of the organization embraces a social problem (or various problems), and can be linked to one or more of the SDG.

  4. There is a clear direction/vision of the organization to solve a social problem. The social goal is clearly lived through and identifiable within the organization.

  5. The organization can clearly identify the impact, measure it, and show a proven track record of results.







Evaluation process

Belgium Impact aims to support the most inspiring, impactful, and innovative social entrepreneurs of Belgium. Sending in your application is free, and does not take much time. But, behind the scenes, there is a diligent evaluation process taking place to ensure the community's development.



All submissions pass through an initial screening, after which they are presented to the evaluation committee.


Every last Monday of the month, the committee gets together and discusses applications' fit with the platform.


Within a week, the applicant receives a phone call with either good news or a request for further information.


In case more information is required, an application could go through a second round for deliberation.

Join us!

When all goes well, the application process finished, and the social entrepreneur can join the platform!

Evaluation Committee

Belgium Impact counts on an evaluation committee from a broad set of sectors, backgrounds and experiences. This way, the platform can look from multiple facets into the activities of a social enterprise.


Perrine De Le Court


Prof. Dr. Nikolay A. Dentchev

Philippe Eiselein


Yannick Fischer

Michael Gillekens


Martine Hendrickx

Pieter-Jan Van de Velde

Prof. Dr. Luc Van Liedekerke


Sarah Schelstraete