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Belgium Impact

Discover our story and what has been written about us.



JULY 2018

The "origins" of the Belgium Impact initiative kickstarted during a roundtable discussion on 5 July 2018. Several experts (academics and professionals) came together to discuss how social entrepreneurs could be supported. It came to their attention social entrepreneurs were lacking both visibility, as well as a consolidated, supportive ecosystem. This spurred a series of focus group discussions, which eventually led to the development and launch of the national platform ( in just about a year.

JULY 2019

With 25 partner organizations working closely together, the platform launched its first version on 24 July 2019 with 100 inspiring cases of Belgian social enterprises. It focuses also on the assembly of supportive organizations and knowledge (books, reports, papers) relevant for social enterprises in 1 place. It aims to develop the platform with 1.000 cases of inspirational stories, bringing people together for a more sustainable society.

JULY 2020

To celebrate its first anniversary, Belgium Impact had invited His Majesty the King, as well as Nobel Peace Prize Winner Muhammad Yunus, together with more than 500 social entrepreneurs and stakeholders. It had gathered on its platform 235 cases of inspiring entrepreneurs and is positioning itself as the catalysator for the Belgian Social Entrepreneurship Ecosystem. 

JULY 2021

After two years of organically growing its network, with over 300 cases of social enterprises and 100 supportive organizations, the organization of BE-Impact creates a non-profit organization in order to further structure its impact ambitions.



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